Tuesday, November 01, 2011

online exhibits

As a bit of a precursor to an online exhibition I'm organising on Crafthaus about contemporary craft in Scotland, glass-artist Jeff Zimmer, an American who is representing Scotland at SOFA, has just posted images of the works he is exhibiting there. Hauntingly beautiful.

His exhibit is reviewed on The Glass Quarterly blog. Jeff writes of her review that he is pleased that she understood the subject matter but, "I think her title is a bit strong, as 'indictment' implies having reached a conclusion/judgement.  What I'm really saying is that we all whitewash our histories.  We need to in order to live with ourselves.  We create the 'pretty' version of our life, decisions and histories so we can continue to view ourselves as honourable, noble, honest, even 'good.'  I hope it will serve more as a focus for meditation on those themes than an 'indictment.'  That's why the pieces are so 'quiet' - to aid a slower, more considered thought process."
These are stunning pieces and really need to be seen to appreciate their subtlety and scale.

My own work featured in a less glamorous but no less appreciated online exhibition of work by makers in Scotland on Etsy, curated by Cate Fitt.

2000 Years Of Mental Torture 5

More about the Crafthaus exhibition in the next few days.