Sunday, February 07, 2016

A Quick But Packed Post!

I've genuinely been run off my feet for the last couple of weeks, what with the change in modules for the students, my usual commitments as well as getting the new house ready to move into, so this is just going to be a super-fast resume of what happened this week...

First up was the last of the four "speed projects" for the BA Jewellery and Related Products at work. This week they were looking at 'Speculative Futures' and imagining the type of technology they would like to see in the future. Because this was a speculative project, it felt a bit less confident than the others but there were still some marvellous outcomes.

Speculative Futures - 2 - Maria Walmsley

Speculative Futures - 3 - Junzi Yang

Speculative Futures - 8 - Denan Tucker-Richardson

Yesterday, I was in London for an ACJ board meeting and took the opportunity to catch the "Bejewelled Treasures" show at the V&A before going.

Bejewelled Treasures

This is a rather wonderful show which highlights the interchange of styles and technologies which have happened between Indian and European jewellery over the last few hundred years. From the point of view of a maker, the use of table-cut diamonds and foiling is very interesting and it is worth waiting to see the films about the contemporary production of jewellery in India. There are a few of them online here:

Met up with Jo Garner before the meeting to have a look at the work she has been developing as part of her MA course at the Royal College. She's been looking at tools, quite literally and has produced these rather lovely objects:

Jo Garner - 1

Jo Garner - 2

After the meeting, it was off to meet with Mark and Caroline at the Earl of Bedlam to commission another suit, drink tea and eat delicious biscuits. Always a pleasure.

I shall say no more than "Tedwardian" and that this is NOT the jacket I am getting...

Earl of Bedlam Jacket