Sunday, June 12, 2016

Graduate Show Week 2016

It really seems incredible that this is the end of my first academic year at the School of Jewellery. So much has happened!

Singing Bird Automaton - 1

Over the last week, we've been setting up the shows and the incredibly talented engine-turning expert, John Moorehouse - of whom I have blogged before - has blown us all away with his piece for the part-time show:

He's working away on something else now: a piece of engine-turning so fine that it has interference-pattern iridescence!

Rose-engine Turning

John Moorhouse At Work

There was a hectic buzz about the place last week as everything was set up and all looked serene on Friday night as the building closed.

Preparing For Grad Show

A complete contrast to the same scene almost exactly 24 hours later!

Graduate Show 2016 - School of Jewellery - 8

This was the "Friends and Family" Private View (we have two PVs, the second on Tuesday next week is for the industry contacts) and it was great to see all the proud students, delighted parents and - best of all - relaxed staff... I didn't take a shot of the staff all night where they are not laughing and happy:

Graduate Show 2016 - School of Jewellery - 2
Claire Price and Andy Howard, BA Design For Industry tutors
Graduate Show 2016 - School of Jewellery - 17
Anna Lorenz and Drew Markou, BA Jewellery and Related Products tutors
Graduate Show 2016 - School of Jewellery - 4
Bridie Lander (front), MA Jewellery tutor; Rachael Colley and Anna Lorenz, BA Jewellery and Related Products tutors
Graduate Show 2016 - School of Jewellery - 3
Jo Pond and me, HND Jewellery and Silversmithing Tutors
It might seem a bit odd that I've not published anything about the exhibited work but I have decided to wait until next week to allow me to photograph things properly. All I have to say is that it is a strong show and that if you want to visit, it is open to the public, 10am - 6pm from 13th - 17th June inclusive. Details here.

Graduate Show 2016 - School of Jewellery - 13

On Tuesday night, I headed off on my bike after work, riding through torrential rain and a thunderstorm, to Cannon Hill park to take in a concert at the Midlands Arts Centre, affectionately known as The Mac. Cannon Hill Park is lovely and with a pleasing touch of the surreal:

Swan Pedalos

The concert was by a jazz trio, "In Love With". The trio is led by percussionist/drummer, Sylvain Darrifourcq with Théo and Valentin Ceccaldi on Violin and 'Cello respectively.

In Love With - 3

In Love With - 4

They performed some of the most thrilling music I've heard in a long time. Intense, complex and absolutely tight, sounding quite unlike anything I've heard before. It was sad that there were only about a dozen people in the audience. This is definitely music to hear live: it is fine on recording but live there is a real energy between the trio and it is brilliant to see the "extended techniques" they all use to get the most enormous variety of sounds out of the instruments (ice-cream dishes on drums, playing with a coathanger...).

Here is a sample:

Other than that, I've managed to get a little bit more work done on "Seven Macho Bracelets" and hope to have them finished next week:

Seven Macho Bracelets - WIP - 10

More on the work and shows next post!