Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too busy

I have just been too busy to put any posts up here. There has been SO much going on too. In addition to making up a couple of commissions for a customer, I've been given a whole batch of sewing machine needles which are no longer of any use, so have been working on a piece based on them. I found that they solder really nicely:

Vicious (WIP)

With any luck, I should get a picture up here tomorrow.

Also of interest to jewellers is Dorothy Hogg's Blog at the V&A.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


No matter how annoying the French get they still always manage to pull something truly chic out of their chapeaux. This morning, I found the website of the singer Carla Bruni, no less than the wife of President Sarkosy. The tabloid press were full of how she was a model and they huffed with hypocritical scandalised mutterings about how Mr Sarkosy had left his wife for her. What they failed to tell was that she is a quite marvellous chanteuse in the best of that French tradition, a woman with a creative life of her own.

What do we get? Dennis Thatcher, Norma Major, Cherie Blair and Sarah Brown.
Cherie Blair sings?

On her website there are some all-too-short samples of Ms Bruni singing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clearing Out

It's been an odd week. We have got to pack up and move our workshops. The moving takes place in the middle of October: the packing happens now. It's been interesting to go through old cupboards, finding things I worked on in the past and which now seem so hopelessly unimaginative. I suppose that most of the pieces were experimental in nature, so I can't be blamed. It took a long time to find a style which suits. Anyhow, I've put everything up for sale at bargain prices on Etsy.

The things that you find!
I forgot about this trophy. I will make no comment on the engraving. The mind boggles:


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2000 Years of Mental Torture...

There is something deeply worrying about the fact that anyone, let alone a majority at the American Republican convention, can think that Sarah Palin would be suitable for any level of politics, let alone the position of to the would-be president.
How can someone who actually believes that the world was created a mere 5000 years ago - in the face of all the evidence to the contrary - be taken seriously? She doesn't believe in evolution; she wants creationism taught in schools; she believes that abortion is absolutely wrong in all cases; she wants to ban the pill and condoms on the grounds that they are de facto abortion...

This woman is possibly even more stupid than G.W. Bush.
And potentially more dangerous.