Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am run off my feet at the moment, both at work and at my place of voluntary employment, where there have been a whole raft of trainings and meetings recently. Not that I'm really complaining: it's better than being bored! The reason for that lame explanation is that I only just realised today that I've not posted in two weeks and another bank-holiday is upon us.

Since being in Brighton last - easter - I've been back to working on some projects currently on my desk, including "Are You Washed In The Blood", which is now completed and should be photographed properly very soon, a piece built around a Victorian ceramic doll's arm and vaguely themed around easter:

Are You Washed In The Blood? (WIP), 12

also a "mystery piece" for one of my contacts in the USA with whom I am involved in a "creative element swap", where each member sends an item to another member (in a huge loop) and the person receiving the item makes it into something and returns it. It is a variant on the Secret Santa swap with the same group of people. Unfortunately, I can't show this piece as the recipient hasn't received it yet.

Work has re-started on "The Four Cocktail Rings Of The Apocalypse" after Lisa sent me the porcelain skull cameo I asked her to make:

The Four Cocktail Rings Of The Apocalypse (WIP) 11

I cleaned up and started to set the stones into "War" (ίππος πυρρός ):

The Four Cocktail Rings Of The Apocalypse (WIP) 17

Bought a new camera this week. I've been thinking about buying a new camera since we got the DSLR at work, which is just lovely to use. So, after Dingo mentioned it, I decided on a semi-impulse to get a Panasonic DSC-G1, the micro four-thirds camera which dispenses with the mirror but behaves like an SLR.

New Camera

I've not taken many pictures with it yet and I need to get a proper macro lens for photographing jewellery, but the quality of the pictures taken with it is excellent.

I'll be taking it with me to Brighton this weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am exceptionally proud to be featured as part of an online exhibition by the V&A in London.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

house of bones

In Brighton for easter. We've not been up to very much but we spent a few days in Hythe last week, visiting the church there which houses one of only two ossuaries in the UK:

410: Male, About 50 - Ossuary 14

The place is amazing. Fascinating and surprisingly not "spooky" in any way.

Skulls - Ossuary 1

Off to London tomorrow.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

laurie anderson and ideas

I've just listened to an online interview with Laurie Anderson, which is very interesting, as you might imagine. In the interview she makes a comment about the idea of making the worst piece of work you possibly could. I'm now intrigued by this idea...