Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am run off my feet at the moment, both at work and at my place of voluntary employment, where there have been a whole raft of trainings and meetings recently. Not that I'm really complaining: it's better than being bored! The reason for that lame explanation is that I only just realised today that I've not posted in two weeks and another bank-holiday is upon us.

Since being in Brighton last - easter - I've been back to working on some projects currently on my desk, including "Are You Washed In The Blood", which is now completed and should be photographed properly very soon, a piece built around a Victorian ceramic doll's arm and vaguely themed around easter:

Are You Washed In The Blood? (WIP), 12

also a "mystery piece" for one of my contacts in the USA with whom I am involved in a "creative element swap", where each member sends an item to another member (in a huge loop) and the person receiving the item makes it into something and returns it. It is a variant on the Secret Santa swap with the same group of people. Unfortunately, I can't show this piece as the recipient hasn't received it yet.

Work has re-started on "The Four Cocktail Rings Of The Apocalypse" after Lisa sent me the porcelain skull cameo I asked her to make:

The Four Cocktail Rings Of The Apocalypse (WIP) 11

I cleaned up and started to set the stones into "War" (ίππος πυρρός ):

The Four Cocktail Rings Of The Apocalypse (WIP) 17

Bought a new camera this week. I've been thinking about buying a new camera since we got the DSLR at work, which is just lovely to use. So, after Dingo mentioned it, I decided on a semi-impulse to get a Panasonic DSC-G1, the micro four-thirds camera which dispenses with the mirror but behaves like an SLR.

New Camera

I've not taken many pictures with it yet and I need to get a proper macro lens for photographing jewellery, but the quality of the pictures taken with it is excellent.

I'll be taking it with me to Brighton this weekend.