Monday, November 20, 2017

Narrative Jewellery

I should have posted this ages ago but somehow, despite the constant reminders, I forgot!
My work has made the cover of a major new book on "Narrative Jewellery":

"Blood Will Have Blood: A Macbeth Brooch" is featured on the cover and there is an essay by me inside. Friends and colleagues, Jo Pond and Jack Cunningham have both written for and feature in the book, which is a major overview of the current field of "narrative jewellery". I'm proud to be able to call author, Mark Fenn, a friend and I know that he's worked incredibly hard for the last couple of years pulling this together, so it is great to see it finally finished. You can order copies from Amazon.

BAMS Meeting - 2017 - 1

Lots going on since my last post, including the British Art Medal Society prize-giving for their prestigious Student Project, where students are invited to create a medal to a very open brief. The exhibition of this project is at the Vittoria Street Gallery at the moment and the event was not only well-attended but it was great that loads of the prize-winners had travelled to collect their prizes.

BAMS Meeting - 2017 - 9

The exhibition continues until the 17th November and is definitely worth a visit if you are in the Jewellery Quarter.

The BA Jewellery and Object students are gearing up to creating their graduation collections (already!) and had a small exhibition to show off their initial thoughts.

BA Jewellery and Object - Final Show Preview 2017 - 1

There are some intriguing projects being developed:

BA Jewellery and Object - Final Show Preview 2017 - 2

BA Jewellery and Object - Final Show Preview 2017 - 3

BA Jewellery and Object - Final Show Preview 2017 - 6

Also last week, I went to Lustre with colleagues, a very high-quality and well-curated selling exhibition of some of the most interesting makers in the UK.

Lustre 2017 - 1

I do like this show very much: everything is of to the highest standard and the atmosphere is lovely. Additionally, they actively encourage our graduates and offer them stands as part of their "Young Meteors" and "One Year On" sponsorship programmes. Lois Wiseman was one of our graduates who was exhibiting:

Lustre 2017 - 3

And colleagues, Drew Markou and Sally Collins had a joint stand:

Lustre 2017 - 2

I bought a rather nice hand-woven blanket by Sarah Tyssen which was meant as a throw but which I will be wearing!

Paint-ups With Layla McCook - 3

Last week, I had the pleasure of inviting commercial jewellery designer, Layla McCook into the School to lead a class in the techniques of classic fine-jewellery rendering:

Paint-ups With Layla McCook - 1

After the enthusiasm shown online for my new nut rings (the repair series):

Nut Rings - Repair Series - 7

I returned to Dungeness to collect the very last of the split nuts which prompted me to create these in the first place.

Dungeness Visit - Autumn 2017 - 1

I love going to Dungeness and always find something new to photograph:

Dungeness Visit - Autumn 2017 - 3

A book I ordered on the recommendation of Anastasia Young arrived this week, a guide to a form of Korean inlay, Ipsa.

It is truly fascinating and the flat-surface inlay is very different from the manner in which we do it in the west. There is a wonderful series of photographs of the work being done on this blog here.

I am definitely going to try this at some point very soon.

Nut Ring - Repair Series - WIP - 9

Took some fantastic shots of me annealing and cleaning the nuts found at Dungeness. Very dramatic!

Nut Ring - Repair Series - WIP - 11

Nut Ring - Repair Series - WIP - 12

Interesting weekend as I did a "takeover" of the Craftspace Instagram feed on Sunday.

This is the first of the posts. There are about twenty posts further to that one!

Including this image of the nut rings with their internal "scaffolding" being constructed.

More on these soon!