Thursday, February 17, 2011

getting to work at last

Finally got the colouring of the Japanese alloys working, so can now start on making the components of the pieces for the show in Sheffield.

Beneath The Skin (WIP) 60

These hearts are made from high-purity Copper, with 25/75 Ag/Cu fused to the surface, then press-formed. The idea is that on colouring in Rokusho, the copper will turn a deep red and the shakudo will go a deep grey.
I also cut the baseplate for the tattoo machine today:

Beneath The Skin (WIP) 62

The metal is a shakudo alloy of 3/97 Au/Cu which should go a deep blue-black. The fine silver skull will stay white, polished silver. I read an article today which said that Japanese craftspeople who work with this material aim to colour it "like a wet crow's wing", which I think is rather lovely.
Details of the baseplate will be picked out in sterling and various different shibuichi alloys and there will be stones set on it too.