Friday, February 25, 2011

tattoo machine

Beneath The Skin 83

Beneath The Skin 82

Finally finished the tattoo machine for the "Beneath the Skin" exhibition in Sheffield next month! I'm so relieved at getting this main part completed and I can now concentrate on the supplementary pieces which are also going to the show.

The missing ring from my previous post turned up - at the bottom of the ultrasonic tank. It had slipped off the hook and while I didn't remember taking it out of the tank, assumed that I had when it wasn't there. That'll teach me! Two rings for the collection are now also complete:

Beneath The Skin 81

I've a few more pieces in the same style to work on:

Beneath The Skin (WIP) 76

I'm not really sure that I've enjoyed this process: it has been very constrained - no found objects, no corroded iron, only one type and shape of gemstone - and has taxed my ingenuity. What I have learned from it is that when I am working on one of my more usual pieces, I have a tendency to improvise on the sketches and probably rely on that improvisation to create what most people would see as my "style", even when the finished piece looks a lot like the drawings in the sketch-book.