Friday, September 02, 2011

Nuts about Nuts

Fairly easy day today. Spent the morning in the workshop and the afternoon with my students with learning difficulties, all of whom have studied with me before: gratifying to know that they wanted to come back again! A lovely group to end the week with, I think. The workshop is proving a little bit frustrating at the moment, as I am between several projects, all of which need some serious time spent working through the details on paper, or 3D models need to be made or I am waiting for suppliers to get back to me about parts of projects, so I made a simple ring today as a kind of "back to basics" refreshment, reminding me of the sort of pieces which started the whole scrap iron thing with me:

Nuts For Rings!

Garnet and Nut Ring

 A corroded nut - found in the street - and a rhodolite garnet. No precious metal at all. I just filed the threads out of the nut and flush-set a 6mm rhodolite upside-down in it. Very pleasing to make and surprisingly comfortable to wear. I also got a package of materials from my friend Elizabeth in Pittsburgh:

More From Pittsburgh

The wonderful coloured glass is scrap from the now-defunct but incredibly-named Youghiogheny Glass Company. I don't even know how to pronounce that!