Sunday, September 22, 2013

"A Chance To Cut"

Continuing with my determination to finish all the unfinished work in the workshop, today saw me start on one of the pair of knife/pendants made from a pair of broken vintage scissors. I originally got the idea for these from my good friend, Janos Gabor Varga in Italy:

"Foreign" scissor knife

Janos made his simply to be a knife. I had a discussion with him and he encouraged me to try my own hand using a pair of scissors which have been on my bench since I can remember, usually used to open watch-cases and letters. In the whirl of activity last year, they were put aside and only today have I returned to them, cleaning up the silver sheaths and preparing them for engraving. I engraved one of the pieces - "A Chance To Cut", the other one is called "A Chance To Cure" - and made a time-lapse video of me actually engraving.

Unfortunately, it took me longer to learn how to make the video than it did to do the engraving!

I've also been asked for some photographs of cufflinks for a fashion blog, so Saturday was spent doing that:

RGB Cufflink Trio
Bird Skull Cufflinks
Red White And Blue Cufflink Trio