Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tank Bracelets, Revisited

I was so excited about the "Tank" bracelet that I made in a minimal style last week that I have started to make three more, two in the ultra-minimal style of the first, using only silver and one large gemstone: - though as 2Roses pointed out, it does show something of the mutability of the concept of "minimal".

"Tank" Bracelets - WIP - 1

I've been working on these between working on the commissioned Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Ring, "Autumn Resonance", which is now completely constructed and has only to be cleaned, set and polished:

Autumn Resonance - WIP - Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Ring For Stacy - 8

It is going to be set with a 28ct golden citrine (not shown), peridot, a large pink tourmaline, champagne diamonds and hessonite garnets:

Autumn Resonance - WIP - Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Ring For Stacy - 7

While I was working today, the email from "Suspended in Green" arrived, telling me that I had not been selected. I had kind of guessed that my work wouldn't fit into the curatorial direction anyway as I know that the previous two shows have been heavily minimal-conceptual and while my work has concepts, it could never be described as "minimal". As John and Corliss pointed out, what is minimal for me is not necessarily what other people would see it as, thus I decided that the fourth of the bracelets would be anything but, hence this scribbled page for "The Spoils of War" where engraving, enamelling, gemstones, pattern and colour come back with a vengeance!

Tank Bracelet Notes