Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not too much to report. I've still got a bit of a cold, so off to bed for me with a copy of The Wire! Thrilling. Doctor tomorrow: this has been going on too long.

Watched John Water's A Dirty Shame earlier. Or should I say tried to watch? I gave up after half an hour. It's bloody awful. An endless stream of teenage dirty jokes in celluloid form. It has none of the sophistication of Pecker or Cecil B Demented, none of the quirky commercial charm of Hairspray or Serial Mom and none of the shock value of Pink Flamingoes or Female Trouble. I'm sure that Waters would argue that it's a satire of middle-American prudishness, but it is merely tiresome. In terms of cinematic disappointments, it's right down there with Aronofsky's The Fountain.

Oh, and Tracey Ullman is a dreadful ham.