Friday, July 18, 2008

We've been to Charleston, the "Bloomsbury Set" house in West Sussex, owned by Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell:

Charlestone Cottage and Pond

It is a very ordinary English farmhouse which has been completely decorated internally (and in the gardens) by the artists and which hosted many of the luminaries of the group - Virginia Woolf and John Maynard Keynes - steeped in history. Unfortunately, it was a guided tour and we weren't free to wander around at our leisure. Additionally, photography inside the house is forbidden, so the picture above is all you can see here!

Afterwards we went to the sick-makingly pretty Berwick, where there is a church also decorated by the artists:

Berwick Church

Not much else to report. Glad I brought my "shop" with me as loads of stuff has been selling on Etsy.