Friday, February 20, 2009

green slime in brighton

Well, it is a week since I arrived in Brighton (it took longer to get from Gatwick to Brighton by train than it took to get from my workplace to Gatwick by car, bus and plane!) and it is probably a bit late to be posting about that, but it was such good fun.
Dingo and I made a cake. Not just any cake, but a GREEN SLIME CAKE to eat while we watched the truly awful film, The Green Slime:

Dingo Vs. The Green Slime

The cake was very tasty, if a bit too sweet for my tastes, though the green tendrils had to be binned as they were disgusting!

Apart from that, it was the usual round of sleeping too late, eating too much and going for aimless walks. Perfect, really.

Finished the pendant I was making using the stuff I found in Brussels:

Hommage à Georges Rodenbach (WIP) 18

The Hommage à Georges Rodenbach. There are a couple of really odd stonesettings on this with which I am very pleased, notably the four CZs set into the key on the chain, which are channel-set directly into steel and the central colour-change sapphire which is partially gypsy-set for about 3/4 of its diameter.