Sunday, March 08, 2009

miserable day

It has been absolutely horrible here today. Nothing but sleet, rain and high winds, bitterly cold. So I stayed in all day and carved up some coins:

The Alembic of Hermes Trismegistus: Inrō (WIP) 16

The front two coins are going into a new piece I am working on and the back two with the naked blacksmith (call health and safety!) are going to be made into cufflinks.

I just realised a few weeks ago that I don't actually own any cufflinks which I made myself. Made this pair with bears as a start:

Bear Cufflinks 2

The bear comes from the centre of a Russian 25 rouble coin.

Read some 1920s detective fiction by Louis Tracy - the e-book is marvellous for finding interesting and forgotten authors - and generally tidied up around the house.
Sometimes it is really nice to not have to go out, especially as I've a really busy week coming up.