Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ich gab kein Gold für dieses Eisen

I should have been working late this evening but just couldn't be bothered, especially as I've just finished my most recent piece, Ich gab kein Gold für dieses Eisen:

Ich gab kein Gold für dieses Eisen, 24

A piece based on the iron jewellery from Berlin, made during the Napoleonic wars to be exchanged by the wealthy Berliners for their gold. The iron jewellery was freqently stamped with the words, "Dem Alten Vaterland Die Treue zu beweisen Gab Ich in schwerer Zeit Ihm Gold fur dieses Eisen" ("For the old fatherland Loyalty to Show ,Gave I in difficult time To him gold for this iron"). The title of mine translates - thanks to the assistance of James - as "I gave no gold for this iron"!

I've wanted to make a piece on this theme for ages, so it was a huge pleasure to me to be able to make a piece with a real 1820s feel!