Thursday, April 22, 2010

the lobster quadrille

Working on a new piece using old materials, including the lobster pot found in Dorset two years ago, the jet lobster from Whitby (three years ago) and various stones which have been kicking about the stone box for ages. I also bought some more faux coral from Lisa for this, which is a kind of a revisit of "Blue Sunset on the Grey Lagoon".

The Lobster Quadrille:

The Lobster Quadrille (WIP) 6

Blue Sunset on the Grey Lagoon:

Blue Sunset On The Grey Lagoon - Professional Photograph

It has been interesting revisiting an old piece. The Lobster Quadrille relates to Blue Sunset in form and materials but not exactly. I've also decided to use a few new techniques in it, such as granulation.

If I'm being honest, I feel a bit guilty about copying my own work!