Wednesday, February 08, 2012

so much!

What a fiendishly busy few days! I've been working hard to make my work for the exhibition in Wales recently but between that, I've been getting quite a lot of odd commissions, largely for repeats of my older work - things like three-skull rings and wolf and bear rings. I've also been working with "humble doodler", Zook again (we worked previously on "Beneath the Skin". He asked me to make some 3d silver versions of his drawing:

Old School Zook Skull & crossed bones (with sword) Pendant concept...

Which I did by making the model in plasticine, scanning it in 3D and milling it out in the required sizes:

Revised Skull Pendant - Model 2

Zook Skulls In Three Sizes

This last shot shows the millled waxes, cast before properly cleaning them up. I took rubbers of these:

Zook Skull Copies

And cleaned up the masters completely, setting a stone in the eye of the big one:

Zook Skulls Masters - Now Set

I have to make a small production run of these now.
Other than that, a customer asked me for a nut ring, supplying her own nut. I was a bit concerned about it because it is stainless steel and I wasn't sure how it would take to setting, but it was fine:

For Angela - 1

One of the students at North Glasgow College - an engineering student, not one of my own - a lovely fellow called Paul who didn't want to be photographed, turned up yesterday on this crazy bike made from found wood:

Cycle-Recycle - Paul's Wooden Bike - 1

All the wood in this bike is from pallets and found in skips, as are many of the bike parts. Click on the pictures to see more.

Cycle-Recycle - Paul's Wooden Bike - 1

Cycle-Recycle - Paul's Wooden Bike - 1

I received a lovely email this morning from an ex-patriot Scot who lives in California and who has started a project aiming at getting women into the workshop and working with metal. It has been running for some time now but I've hitherto never heard of it, and I think it deserves some attention!
Very exciting stuff.