Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ishbel and Iain

Two of my ex-students had a little Christmas preview of their new work tonight. For some very odd reason, it was held in a hi-fi shop... quite a strange location but the specialist hushed acoustics made for a really lovely feel to the show.

Ishbel Watson has been working on some new work based on Fritz Lang's "Metropolis":

Metropolis Range


New Pendants

Iain Baird has branched out from his intriguing "puzzle-pieces" - jewellery which comes apart and can then be re-built - and into much lighter and more wearable pieces (dare I say, even "commercial"?: not a criticism, in my view) which still invite the wearer to interact with the piece and play with it:

Pod Pendant

I really liked this ring design which can be taken off and folded flat. This one is made in 18ct and set with diamonds:

Collapsing Ring - 1

Collapsing Ring - 2

For my own part, I have finally finished all three of those Christmas stars for Goldsmiths' Hall!

Black Christmas - Double Repeat 3