Sunday, December 16, 2012


I am now winding the workshop down for the end of the year. I'll be shutting-up fully on Thursday for two weeks, back again in 2013 with new projects to tackle.
Although I've not been quiet in this holiday season, I have been dealing with people who have been startlingly organised and this has meant that for the last week and the week to come, I don't have any rush-jobs to complete, no last-minute dashes to the post-office. The last Commission for the season was sent out on Saturday.
What this has meant is that I've had time to work on some projects which were begun a while back and not completed for various reasons. I've also completed the "Imperial Overcoat Star Of The Order Of Aksentii Poprishchin", made from silver, pure iron, found steel sewing-machine needles, rock crystal and amethyst:

Imperial Overcoat Star Of The Order Of Aksentii Poprishchin - 24

The lettering on the front reads, "сумасшедшего" - "Madman" and is cut from pure iron sheet.
The back is engraved with the details, "October 3rd - 34 March. February, 349.", the dates which open and close Gogol's "Diary of a Madman":

Imperial Overcoat Star Of The Order Of Aksentii Poprishchin - 23

One of the old pieces which I picked up is this bangle from 2008, made from an old steel rule. It has the more up-to-date touches of the little graffiti skull and the spikes on the hinge, and the fastening is made from rare-earth magnets reclaimed from old electric toothbrush heads - none of which would have been part of this had it been completed in 2008 - so I am quite glad that it still works as a complete piece and doesn't look at all bitty:

Steel Rule Bangle - 8

Steel Rule Bangle - 10

I also started on a piece from 2009, "Fourteenth Century Nightlife", which was uncompleted for technical reasons, namely that I want it to light up with a self-contained, rechargeable LED light:

14th Century Nightlife - WIP - 11

14th Century Nightlife - WIP - 10

I think that I now have the ability to get the lighting sorted out to make the polished tagua nut glow!

A more recent project completed was another of the found nut rings, this time with a large garnet set in a true gypsy setting:

Nut Ring With Garnet Cabochon - 1

There will be a couple more of these small projects over the coming few days.

I have had a really lazy day today, having done very little but read and watch old films. I was raiding the marvellous collection of"Film Noir" at and found some marvellous films there: I can highly recommend Ida Lupino's "The Hitch-Hiker"; "Quicksand" with Mickey Rooney and Peter Lorre; and "Impact".

While on that subject, I have to suggest that for a festive movie treat, why not watch "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians"?