Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coco's Channel Settings

I've never channel-set round stones until today...

Coco's Cogs - WIP - 16

I'm genuinely surprised that it is easier than channel setting square stones, which I have done before on many occasions. I had always imagined that the round stones - not fitting so squarely into the channel - would rock about, but they don't. The problem with these garnets (3mm) is that the girdles are all over the place, from wafer-thin on one side of the stone to about 1mm thick at the other on some of them!

Alpha Male Ring - WIP - 1

Also on the bench today, my "Alpha Male" ring! I found a piece of mild steel stamped with "ALPHA +" for some reason: it had to be used.

Other than that, it is preparing for San Francisco at the weekend. "Ferrous" opening at Velvet da Vinci on Friday, the Craft Forward symposium on Saturday and then speaking at the California College of the Arts on Monday. Exciting stu