Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Stamping Ground

About 6 weeks ago, I ordered some stamps with my signature on them from Microstamps in the US. They arrived today and I have to say that I am delighted with them. I've had a hallmark for years and years but since I started working in iron and reclaimed materials, I've barely used it as mediaeval legislation in the UK means that it is not possible to sell anything "contaminated" with other materials as "silver" or "gold" jewellery. So farcical is this legislation that I cannot even describe my work as "silver and iron" but have to describe it as "white precious metal and iron", which seems a whole lot less honest than "silver and iron".

Singature Stamps - 1

I got one with my full signature and one with my initials as I sign them, for smaller items.

Singature Stamps - 2

The quality is excellent and they were fairly inexpensive - I think it was around $190 for both.

The end-of-term always gets a bit fraught and sometimes a bit of light relief is required. Today it was brought to us by the wonderful Anne Walker, an ex-architect who now makes jewellery and who is - unsurprisingly - quite adept at CAD. For some reason, she felt possessed to make a bracelet out of laser-cut perspex flamingoes...

Pink Flamingoes - 1

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more tasteless, bring on the CZ-set eyes...

Pink Flamingoes - 2

Which do, somehow, redeem it!

(Needless to say, I have posted this with permission of Anne: it was she who suggested that the bracelet was tasteless and I was compelled to agree.)