Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Week So Far

Having completely botched that post, here it is, edited and re-posted!

First of all, I said:

Sometimes it is OK to be envious! My friend and associate, Cari-Jane Hakes is married to the inspired designer Julian Hakes who has recently been presenting some fascinating shoes at London Fashion Week and met with not only fashion legend Zandra Rhodes, but a hero of mine, Andrew Logan.
Yes, I am envious!

What a crazy week!
I have been trying to work on a commission for client but something went wrong with the post and it took a week to get a pair of stones from Germany for approval, which has meant that I have had some time to work on more of my residual projects, today finishing "It's A Sin", a pendant and chain I started in Touchstone.

It's A Sin - 7

It's A Sin - 4

The gemstones arrived today and while I am waiting for her to pick one, I unpacked the box of stuff I had been sent from Pittsburgh... potentially a dangerous move!

Pittsburgh Treasures, 2013

The lenses at the centre of the photograph are specifically for a piece I am going to make but just behind them are some short loops of industrial chain just the right size for a bracelet. These were given to me by Glen Gardner and are from devices which are used to slide trays of metal in and out of kilns when they are being sintered. I started work on one of these today...

Baby's On Fire - WIP - 1

Baby's On Fire - WIP - 3

Other than that, I have been at a wedding in London, which was brilliant. The reason I wasn't posting much in the middle of August was that I have been working on a collar and earrings for the bride - my friend, Julia - to wear on the day. It was the sort of commission I absolutely love: some constraints but mostly to "make what you want". My constraints were colour - had to be a range of blues - having to include a string of magnificent vintage pearls and using some of my sewing-machine needle elements as part of the design. This is what I came up with:

Julia's Wedding Suite - 2

Julia's Wedding Suite - 4

Julia's Wedding Suite - 7

Julia's Wedding Suite - 8

The wedding was held in London and the reception was a cruise from the ceremony to central London on a boat, followed by dinner on a bigger boat. Dingo and I agreed that it is the best wedding we've ever been to.

Night Thames And OXO