Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In Springtime A Young Man's Fancy...

... as I am no longer young, it has to be said, "Daffodils"!

I've spent the last few weeks working on a charity piece which kind of got out of hand. What started off as a request for a "life-sized daffodil in any media" became a small installation which I should have finished early next week. Having finished the sterling silver one, the 3d plastic prints arrived from Shapeways:

in time of daffodils - WIP - 16

I am very pleased with the way these came out.

in time of daffodils - WIP - 17

All that these required was the attaching of a brooch pin to the back:

in time of daffodils - WIP - 20

And they are almost complete. Certainly, like this, they can be worn but I have a few more things to do to make them ready for the exhibition.

Other than that, it has been really quiet in the workshops. I've made up a "stock" piece, my "Torx" ring, made from a torx nut head that was given to me by my friend and colleague, Christine, who found it outside her house:

Torx - 2

Set with a beautiful purple-red garnet, amethysts and a rough, natural ruby crystal in the back:

Torx - 5

Off to Rome on Friday to see the Treasures of St. Gennaro at the Fondazione Roma Museo to which I am looking forward enormously.