Sunday, July 31, 2016

Walk Like A Man

On holiday and in Brighton!
Last week was a bit of a rush as I had to complete both a piece for the Craftspace "Made in the Middle" show but also the piece for Boris Bally's "Imagine" show, as previously mentioned, before heading down to the sea for a few weeks of relaxation.

Having completed "Walk Like A Man", I wanted it photographed and asked my colleague, Rachael Colley to help in the studio, to great effect. If you follow this blog, you will know that the original inspiration for the piece was this record and cover:

Walk Like A Man (Sex Crime) - WIP - 15

Which became:

Walk Like A Man (Sex Crime) - 24

I've rather enjoyed the online responses to this, from Mark Fenn's "Are the Milky Bars on you" to "Bliiiiimey"!

Rachael and I had a lot of fun taking the photographs:

Walk Like A Man (Sex Crime) - 23

I had to make an "emergency dash" into town to buy some black clothes for this and am indebted to Andy Howard for lending me his Stetson!

The first piece completed for the selling part of the "Made in the Middle" show is now finished and photographed:

I am enjoying the circularity of this work as it is all being made from elements found on the day I first came to Birmingham for my interview last year and explored the "Forward Rolling Mills" in Aston.

Forward Rolling Mills, Birmingham - 6

Short post! More next week.