Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today was a bit of a surprise as I managed to finish "A Forest"! Yesterday, it seemed as if I still had loads of work to do to complete it, but it was finished by lunchtime, leaving me the pleasurable business of cleaning up my bench.

A Forest - 85

As you can see, it is on quite a large scale. It's large but not too heavy, though running anywhere might be a bit uncomfortable...

A Forest - 87

What is not apparent here is that the piece is "glazed" with a piece of very beautiful Victorian bevelled glass. The glass has tiny flaws in it.

A Forest - 88

Setting the glass was an absolutely scarifying experience. The bezel is made from fine silver and I deeply undercut it and used the handle of a nylon toothbrush to push it over, but it still had me sweating, especially as the glass is very high RI, which makes me think it is probably very soft too.

I'm very pleased with the way that the top section came out, the lettering and the skull of the green man:

A Forest - 89

There are more photographs here:

A Forest - 85

And the sketchbooks are here:

A Forest (Workbook) - 1