Wednesday, June 01, 2011


ACJ at Treasure
As part of the prestigious London Jewellery Week, the ACJ is proud to be represented at Treasure, part of the week which is dedicated to contemporary jewellery from all sorts of people.

You can visit the Treasure Website here, see who is exhibiting or have a look at the ACJ entry.
I'm delighted to say that there is a very wide range of styles being shown on the ACJ website and recommend anyone who is in the area to pay a visit!

Skull Appreciation
I was delighted to be featured on the Skull Appreciation Day Mail Art blog! I had completely forgotten that I sent this postcard away to it. For all skull fans, this and also the marvellous Skull-A-Day are essential reading.

A Forest, Confusing
I've reached an unusual stage in the development of "A Forest" where I've actually managed to lose focus of what I am supposed to be doing, there are almost too many elements for me to keep track of. Today's work:

A Forest (WIP) - 66

Made the funnel for the perfume bottle, cut and carved the hooks which will connect the pendant to the chain and also carved the lettering for the top of the "theatre" piece of the pendant. The link in the top right is the master of the chain link.

A Forest (WIP) - 64

The chain links all cast up. I made the waxes of these yesterday. Each one will be set on both sides with garnet, citrine or nephrite cabochons.

A Forest (WIP) - 62

This is the mechanism on the back which will hold and lock the perfume container in place.

A Forest (WIP) - 61

The "mossy mound" - which will hold the ceramic mushrooms - is now enamelled with granular vitreous enamel. The pieces shown behind are the tray-support for the perfume container and the "ground plane" for inside the box.

It is mayhem in the workshops just now, too, as the students have only two days to complete all their coursework. Exciting to see what they are coming up with. I'll post pictures when the shows are on.