Friday, June 03, 2011


After the confusion of earlier this week, everything snapped back into focus today in the workshop when I actually completed a part of "A Forest". The chain is now completely constructed and only requires to be set, which I started doing before I had to leave for the thrilling enterprise of going to the bank and the post-office. At least I had a bike ride in lovely weather.

A Forest (WIP) - 67

The cast elements of the chain put together.

A Forest (WIP) - 69

Constructed, polished and partially set. The funnel at the top is detachable and is for filling the perfume flask which will be inside the main part of the pendant.

A Forest (WIP) - 68

Set with nephrite jade, garnet and citrine. Each link is set on both sides.

I also managed to pre-polish part of the main box - a terrifying experience: I hate polishing large pieces. Here is the lettering in place on the box. It will be "enamelled" with acrylic:

A Forest (WIP) - 70

Unfortunately, the leafy wreath which was supposed to be going around the skull in the centre did fall victim to the polishing machine, making me think on a new way to attach it!