Monday, April 07, 2008

In Brighton!
We've had tons of snow here and it's bitterly cold but sunny, which is great. We're getting ready to head off to Italy on Thursday. Went to the "Rock & Gem" show yesterday at Brighton racecourse, which was very interesting: bought some rough garnets, tourmalines and a couple of chunky faceted quartzes for which I've already had some ideas.
The weather yesterday was so grim that we didn't go out at all, so cabin-fever drove us out today. That and the fact that we had to pick up currency and Dingo's new phone. Everywhere we went today, we found strange things, such as Barbie hell...

And then we watched this idiot driver trying to get his enormous truck through the tiny lanes, destroying shops, clothes rack, furniture and very nearly people too:

I've also been using the eee PC to do various things, such as this post and processing the images in it.