Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a holiday!
Despite having the new laptop with me, I completely managed to avoid making any posts here, which is SO stupid.

The first part of the holiday included some research on St Hubert, going to St Hubert's Church in Idsworth, which is very beautiful:

Click on photograph for more images.

We went to Italy! To Genova, a place I've visited before but which I had never visited properly. An amazing mediaeval town on the side of a mountain; narrow alleys and streets, funicular railways, glass elevators, castles and an incredible cemetery:

Click on the picture for more images.

We also went to Campo Ligure to vist a friend, Janos, and to Valenza, where I bought some enamels and burrs.

I want to live in Genova now!

Finally found a copy of a book I have wanted for YEARS: Luigi Serafini's Codex Serafinianus, an insane encyclopaedia of imagined things, written in an untranslatable language:

Most of it is compelling and incomprehensible:

Bits of it are just plain disturbing:

Martin Gardner first alerted me to this book in his own book, "Metamagical Themas" and from one illustration there reproduced, I knew that I had to find it.

Back to work today...