Saturday, June 07, 2008

Last weekend, Jeff gave me a CD of Philip Glass' "Monsters of Grace", which is absolutely brilliant, another collaboration with Robert Wilson and somewhat reminiscent of "Songs From Liquid Days". The orchestra includes some sort of dulcimer, which gives a very ancient feel to very modern music.

Not been up to much this week. Made a couple of pieces and finished the "Planet Claire" pieces, which I really like:

Planet Claire 15

It is two brooches which can also be worn as pendants and two chains which can also be joined to make one long chain, allowing for a range of ways to wear the piece. The discs are set with garnets, peridots and champagne diamonds.

My watch strap broke, yet again. It has really been the most annoying watch I have ever owned, in that it cost £300, was advertised as being a robust watch, suitable for rugged outdoor use, yet the strap has broken about six times. SO, I've decided, finally, to make myself a watch. Found a (genuine) unissued UK army surplus watch with no strap online. When that arrives, I will get to work making a strap and housing for it.