Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's been a while since the last post, largely because I've been feeling pretty negative about this country and didn't want to write a stinking rant about how awful Britain is becoming. SO, to get it over with quickly, in Brighton last weekend, me and Dingo were kept awake by the constant noise of a "party" which is scummy neighbours across the road were having, abused by someone who was urinating on his front door - from the party - and then, to cap it all, Dingo was physically assaulted by a completely different piece of chav shit who also spat all over me.

And that is ALL I am going to say about this.

We had a really good time, despite the awful weather and the incidents above. We went to the lovely Camber Sands, a longish hike from Rye, possibly better known as E.F. Benson's "Tilling" of Mapp and Lucia fame.
Camber Sands is lovely and we will be going back there in the summer.

The week has been very busy: I finished the articulated bangle and am pretty pleased with the way it worked out;

Stigworks 104, Kinetic U Bangle 12

and I was experimenting with the cold enamels I bought in Italy at Easter. I've managed to get them to work and have now re-started work on the St. Hubertus piece, enamelling the engraved coin which is the centrepiece.

Portable Shrine To St Hubertus, 69

I was in Edinburgh all weekend, which was really nice. Caught up with Mark and Jeff and Robert and Gidona. I finally got Robert and Gidona's wedding present to them, which was a relief! I also caught up with my old friend and associate, Joey D, who is a clothes designer working in a similar manner to myself, in that he takes old clothes and remakes them into new ones. His newest work is amazing and I'm delighted to see that he now has a working website and an online shop. I bought one of his latest bags from him, made from old tweed jackets:

Joey D Bag 1

The great thing about his work is that it looks as rough as could be imagined, but it is really well made and built to last: this picture doesn't really do justice to the bag. The pockets on it are all functional too!