Sunday, May 18, 2008

Breakin' the law, breakin' the law...

Well, I wasn't, but I was stopped and searched by the police on the grounds that someone had phoned up to report my salvaging operations as "suspicious behaviour". I was caught in posession of 25 kilos of rusty steel! Not to worry. I suppose I could have been charged with being in possession of an offensive weapon as I has a garden trowel with me and a length of very heavy chain.

This is all because I got up really early today and couldn't be bothered with the car boot sale, but went instead to the gap site I visited last week to give it a proper search. I found loads more stuff, including the chain mentioned above - large pictures are posted on Flickr, see link on left.

I was super-methodical this time and traversed the site in overlapping strips, which took about three hours and gave me a sore neck! Treasures galore:

Another enamel sign. I have no idea how I managed to miss this one last weekend.
Unfortunately, I found something I never imagined I would find on a gap site in glasgow, this revolting object:

It's a "pocket pussy" type thing. Bizarrely, on one side, as you can see, there is a vaguely woman-shaped thing clinging on; the lump directly opposite on the other side is a small kitten with a bow-tie. I didn't want to touch this to get a better picture and I couldn't make it roll over with the tip of my trowel, not that I even wanted to touch it with that!