Thursday, May 08, 2008

Further to my previous rant about the post office, I had the pleasure tonight of being served by the most unbelievably helpful woman in the post office in the town centre. She was the most perfect model of customer service and helpful to the point of suggesting that the best way for me to send my package was to repack it as two smaller packages THEN giving me scissors, parcel tape and brown paper to do just that! Incredible. If only the whole of the post office worked to her high standards.

I have been SO busy over the last few weeks. My Etsy shop (see left) has been more-or-less cleaned out and I've been working on a raft of new pieces. Even the Eyepod sold, about which I am really pleased as I was getting increasingly dissatisfied by it and have been thinking a lot recently about remaking it. No need now.

I've been listening to a lot of mediaeval music over the last few weeks. Currently listening to a complete accidental find, Grupo Universitario De Compostela about whom I can find absolutely no information.