Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SO busy. I have been getting inundated with orders and even finally sold the EyePod.

Just got back from the bank-holiday weekend in Brighton, which was great fun with Dingo. We went to Bexhill. It would have been Rye, but a revolting "rail replacement bus" which smelled of damp and insecticide put paid to that! Instead, our favourite haunt of Bexhill was just what was needed. I found a new best friend:

Dingo thinks it looks like Shane McGowan.
There was also this really alarming sign:

The bonfire, however, had been burnt, so there was no rat to be seen. I was singing Diamond Dogs in my head all day after that ("Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats...")!

We also went to Brighton boot fair, which was really good for various bits of rubbish that I might make things with, such as these chocolate moulds and a doll's body:

I also found this cuff, but have no idea what it is for. The hook things might be useful to make something from, but as they are cast iron, it is fiendishly difficult to work with. The leather cleaned up nicely with saddle soap:

There was also some very nasty drying-out meat for sale from a stall from which I would not buy anything on account of this:

On Monday, in the absence of anything better to do, we wandered down to the horrible marina in Brighton, probably to remind ourselves of why we don't go there much. After laughing at a ridiculous weekend biker of the worst sort, we went into a chandelry: what a wonderful treasure trove of useful bits of metal. Sadly, the useful metal, maps, ropes and compasses were overshadowed by hideous "lifestyle" clothes and "accessories", such as this:

I always knew that people who "like sailing" were particularly idiotic, but this takes the sea-biscuit. Not only is it badly designed, it is SO badly executed that it could NEVER tell the time ANYWHERE ON EARTH!

Back to work, bursting with more ideas of things to make and a box for the EyePod to make.