Saturday, May 17, 2008

The childhood excitement of finding a new record by a favourite artist returned to me this morning when I found out that there is a new CD of music by Gloria Coates, one of my firm favourites amongst modern composers. I'm listening to her 15th Symphony right now and it doesn't disappoint, a "Homage to Mozart" which blends a cloying Mozart melody (played backwards) with thumping percussion and bleak, stomach-turning glissandi. Marvellous! It was commissioned for the festival of Mozart's 250th anniversary year and was performed in Vienna. It is hard to imagine what the average Mozart fan would make of it. I like the idea of it being a bit of a scandal.

Other than that, it was a bit of an unremarkable day. I saw these awful things in a shop window:

and wondered who buys this shite.

Also on view in town today were these very well-fed, middle-class students, playing at politics and not quite getting it:

"Don't agonise: Organise"... they seem to have missed the whole point of anarchy. But look! One of them is wearing a ripped sweatshirt.
Whatever next?

We all know that estate agents and property developers are the lowest of scum with their stupid spiky hair, black shirts and ties, cheap suits, (blonde highlights, D&G sunglasses, fake tan, white nails for females) and their low-end Porches on credit.
We all despise the way that they are collectively responsible for the recent collapse of the developed western economy.
Most of all, we hate them for their pretentious, overblown lies...

Think about that for a moment. This is the most pompous, bloated piece of pretentious puff I have ever heard.

They are selling poky one and two bedroom flats in a converted warehouse for fuck's sake.


Though now that I've written it three times, it sounds more like a shop which sells fake leather sofas. Of the sort which will probably end up in their shit little flats.