Tuesday, May 26, 2009

home again

From my long weekend in Brighton.
Did all the usual things we get up to there, but rather foolishly decided to go to Bognor Regis on Saturday.

My favourite paper signboard ever:

Honouring The Dead

Which strikes me as wholly inappropriate!

Bognor is not a place I would much care to visit again. It was obviously once genteel but now is just rather boring, though we met some brilliant people - notably the woman in the camera shop with frightening nails; the woman in the taxi office whom I confused by photographing her sign:

The Ace Of Spades

and the couple who owned the cafe where we had lunch.

The downside was having to scramble the emergency services to prevent some 10 year-olds taking a golf-club and laying into a drunken down-and-out: another good reason for banning golf, I think!

The run-down to summer is upon us. The students are all running about like mad, trying to get things finished. A frustrating and sad time of year for everyone, even the staff.