Saturday, May 09, 2009


Having spent a rather large amount of money on a new DSLR and two exceptionally good lenses (Olympus f2.8 28mm Pancake and Olympus 35mm Macro, 4/3), I've spent the last couple of days making completely crap lenses to go on the body too, a pinhole lens and a modification of a Diana+ lens:

Lumix G1 With Diana+ Lens 3 Lumix G1 With Pinhole Lens 1

I didn't get the Diana lens finished until this evening, but I did get the pinhole finished enough to use.

Annoyingly, the weather has been so bad that I've not really wanted to take the camera outside, but I did get half an hour between showers in the Necropolis in glasgow today.

The photographs taken with the 28mm are amazingly crisp:

Mother And Child

And the depth-of-field effects achievable with it are wonderful:

O Grave!

Compare the photograph of the statue above with the pinhole version:

Pinhole Mother And Child

This is actually too soft-focus for my liking, as can be seen from some of the other pictures:

Stained Glass Pinhole 2 Pinhole Towers In And Out Of The Dusty Bluebells Stained Glass Pinhole 1 Pinhole Tomb When Lilacs Last...

I remade the pinhole this evening to use an even smaller hole, only using the tip of a pin to make it. This should sharpen things up a bit.
More test pictures tomorrow.