Friday, September 11, 2009

almost at an end...

The big commission work is nearly over for the moment. It's been interesting, grabbing every moment in the workshop and trying to come up with something worthwhile out of what are effectively "repeats" of a formula. I've only to complete three pendants, which should be done early next week. The main part has been eight bracelets:

8/11ths - 8c

8/11ths - 7a

8/11ths - 6a

8/11ths - 5b

8/11ths - 4b

8/11ths - 3d

8/11ths - 2c

8/11ths - 1c

On another front, I'm back to finishing (at last) the "Four Cocktail Rings of the Apocalypse" now as I've been invited to submit some work for a book which is being published in Spain in both Spanish and English. The book is being put together by the marvellous Nicolas Estrada whom I admire very much and so flattered me hugely by requesting some of my work!