Saturday, September 05, 2009


Woke up late this morning and feeling absolutely wretched. I didn't sleep very well and think that last week was just a bit too tiring, what with working late every evening and the new intake of eager students craving my attention all day. Must try and get some rest before they come back on Monday so that I'm up to their demands!

There was a strange note under my door this morning from the old boy who lives in the next block, "Come and see me. Have cukes. George". His allotment had produced some tiny pickling cucumbers which, for some reason, he had seen fit to grow; strange given that he told me that he hates cucumbers... Anyway, I got a few kilos for pickling. They are really tiny and I think that they'll be lovely pickled.

Morning Work

I've been doing some work using the techniques I learned over the holidays. This piece, using a shard of ceramic from a beach in Fife, surprised even me a little bit, being so completely different from my more usual work:

Me Old China 7

I've just had an order for eight of the found-steel bangles I was making last year! Plus three pendants, all to be made by the 3rd week in September, I'm going to be very, very busy.