Tuesday, November 23, 2010

nightmare event!

One of my students asked me to set a very large - 6ct - ruby for her as she was nervous about doing it. She had made the setting and it fitted very nicely, so I had no fear about doing it. Just as I was gently levelling the stone in the setting...

Polysynthetic Twinning Catastrophe Part 2

A very fine example of polysynthetic twinning and bad lapidary work: the stone was cut right across a growth plane. She was very, very upset, which is understandable. And you can imagine how I felt! We've replaced this stone with a synthetic ruby, which is brighter but less "interesting" (in so many ways). 

Just back from Wales, where I was visiting the opening of the show Re:Collect at Llantarnam Grange in Cwmbran, which featured some of my work:

Dauvit Alexander

Llantarnam Grange is a lovely little arts-centre/gallery outside of Cardiff. Well worth a visit.

More photographs of what we got up to in Cardiff on my Flickr pages.

Great Western Railway (Interrupted)