Wednesday, November 17, 2010

strange day

I'm working backwards on the "Cold Genius" piece. As I have to wait for Lisa to finish and send the actual "Cold Genius" himself, I can't actually make the box or any of the elements of it as the size is critical (as he's going to be made from porcelain, which shrinks on firing, exact sizes are not possible in advance), thus I've been making other parts of the piece. Today I got to work on the settings:

Cold Genius (WIP) 13

"Reading" top to bottom, left to right: iolite, blue topaz, peruvian blue opal; natural pale blue sapphire; two blue topaz "bullets"; aquamarines and green quartz (in bags); blue topaz, green quartz; and slightly chatoyant colourless quartz.

Intensely annoying: I am being bullied by television licensing again. Despite have had no television for 20 years and having repeatedly told them that fact, reinforcing that I have no intention of getting one, every few years I am bullied for being different. Singled out and sent threatening, aggressive letters which imply that I am a lying cheat and that I am going to be fined £1000.

Today I was warned that someone would be out to inspect my house. Let the fuckers try...

They came once before at 8am and were so embarrassed when I answered the door, wearing only my boxer shorts that they tried to back off: needless to say, I forced them to inspect the house, making sure that they looked under the bed, on top of the wardrobe, behind the sofa, etc. By the time they had finished, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be bothered again.

Next time, I will be less hospitable.

The morons who control television licensing seem to think it is incomprehensible that anyone would NOT have a television and that anyone who doesn't have one MUST be a criminal. They are so fucking blind to this possibility that their website doesn't even allow you to tell them that you don't have a license, only to pay for one in some form. If you want to complain about their intimidating, accusatory letters and approaches, you have to write a letter at your own expense.

In short, I am being threatened, intimidated, accused and am expected to waste my time and money in order to prove to a government department that I am NOT GUILTY of something of which they have repeatedly accused me.