Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dr. Seuss, I Owe You...

The Supercollider piece is progressing apace. I managed to cast the central torus element today:

Supercollider - WIP - 22

I got really fed-up cleaning it! Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this, though it still presents the problem of how I am going to get all the investment plaster out of the inside of the hollow bits! I also managed to get some of the links for the chain made today:

Supercollider - WIP - 23

Supercollider - WIP - 24

And the "emitter" from which the secondary pendant, the needle pieces I posted previously, will descend:

Supercollider - WIP - 21

This caused one of the students to comment that I had obviously enjoyed Dr. Seuss when I was younger. As Dingo will tell you, I know "Green Eggs and Ham" off by heart and can (and do) recite it when required (or even not required).
Here is where I finished the day:

Supercollider - WIP - 26