Monday, December 05, 2011

black hole sun!


Supercollider - WIP - 30 (Black Hole Sun!)

Trying to cast the last - and largest - in the series of spheres made from old sewing-machine needles, I had to use a gigantic flask which I had never used before and which cooled down too much before the full vacuum could be drawn under it, so the metal chilled and the structure didn't fill. There was about 24 hours of milling involved in making the wax components for this piece and I don't have the time or inclination, so it will have three spheres instead of five, which I actually think will look more balanced with the upper element. This is the sphere I was trying to cast:

Second Supercollider - 3

It is not, by any means, all bad news. The main section of the pendant is coming along well. This is it pre-polished and ready for polishing and setting:

Supercollider - WIP - 33

Supercollider - WIP - 34

And I even managed to get another link made and ready for setting:

Supercollider - WIP - 31

 The students' jewellery sale opens tomorrow night. If anyone is in Glasgow and wants to pop by the college for a drink and a snack, to say hello and have a look at their superb work, it opens at 6pm and runs until 8pm. (Apologies for the photo quality: I took this with my phone.)

Highstreet. Trainwreck

I've been using the marble stamps carved for me by Janos:

Justified Sinner Stamp And Seal - 7

Justified Sinner Stamp And Seal - 6