Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SO busy! All my first, second and third years have started for two weeks now and the degree final year students started today... In between, I've been packing up the Diamond Jubilee exhibition and finishing my "Macbeth Brooch".

Macbeth Brooch - 27

The hackle is raven feathers. It is traditional in Scotland (I read, but have never heard of this before) that a black hackle means that the wearer has a grudge against someone. I don't. But if I'm wearing this brooch, watch out!
It can also be worn without the feathers:

Macbeth Brooch - 26

The red material in the background of the piece is polycarbonate car-reflector from a crashed car, as can be seen in the rear view:

Macbeth Brooch - 24

Not much else to report!