Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Read The Small Print!

Having decided to enter "Suspended in Green" at the very last moment, I then thought I ought really to read the small print...

Application Requirements: 
Current resumé (CV), exhibitions, publication information. 
Artist statement relating to the work submitted (250 words max.) 
Up to 3 different gallery pieces can be submitted for consideration. 
A example of your intended shop piece is also required.

SO, I had to think quickly about what my "shop piece" would be given that, "These ‘Shop’ pieces MUST be directly related to the Gallery/Museum piece submitted."

I completed the enamelling on my piece, which is now titled properly "L'heure de la Fée Verte: An Apocalyptic Cocktail Ring for the Sipping of Absinthe":

L'heure de la Fée Verte - WIP - 10

As a retail piece, I decided to make a version of an absinthe spoon which can also be worn as a pendant:

L'heure de la Fée Verte, Retail Piece - WIP - 1

This is placed over the glass with a cube of sugar in it and iced water is dripped over the cube into the drink. Or you can wear it as a pendant.

Should get both finished tomorrow.