Wednesday, August 28, 2013

U Can't Touch This!

One of my students - thanks, Paula! - made my day today by giving me a load of old silversmithing hammers which she had bought as part of a job-lot of tools from a workshop which was closing down!

It's Hammer Time! - 2

Other than that, I've completed my "L'heure de la Fée Verte", the Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Ring for the Sipping of Absinthe and my entry for "Suspended in Green". I have to own to being quite pleased with the result of this:

L'heure de la Fée Verte - 1

L'heure de la Fée Verte - 3

The top is a Victorian bottle-stopper - in keeping with the absinthe theme - and there is a "hidden" orange sapphire inside, which can only be seen by peeking between the supports of the head, a contrasting surprise. For the competition, it is required to produce a "retail piece" which references the main piece, so I made an absinthe spoon which can be worn as a pendant:

L'heure de la Fée Verte - Absinthe Spoon - 2

I now have to complete my "secret" commission for a wedding on the 14th of September.