Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A Sheepish Update!

I completely forgot that I spent some time during the conference over the weekend speaking to Rachel Skene - a friend and colleague of Patty Niemann's in Caithness - talking about her project "You Love Local". This is a scheme which aims to promote handmade and craft products by not only tracking products from start to finish but also to by giving them a "narrative", something of their back-story. She is also planning a level of managed quality control.

Rachel asked me to help her to publicise her initial research into the project using my blog and as it is a good idea in the first place and she is so passionate about it, I said that I would.

Have a look at the website and fill out her questionnaire - as a business, a consumer or both - and let's see what happens! (There are handmade prizes to be won...)


She's Lost Control (Again) - 1

Other than that, not much doing in the workshop today. I made a similar button to the one I made for the Macclesfield Silk Museum earlier this year to a commission from someone who had seen it in the show.