Thursday, October 03, 2013

More from the Bench (and a Weekend Away!)

What a week! There was a bank-holiday here on Monday, so it has been quick and packed and suddenly I find it is Thursday evening, nearly the weekend already.

Continuing with finishing off projects, I have completed my last "Tank" bracelet, this one more in my usual style and called "The Spoils Of War":

The Spoils of War - Tank Bracelet - 4

I've also been tempted from the way of completion by a side-project to make a cufflink trio using orange stones, a project inspired by a conversation on Twitter:

Autumn Fox - Cufflink Trio - 4

But have returned to completing commissions, including a commission to duplicate a button I made for "The Button Project" at Macclesfield Silk Museum over the summer:

She's Lost Control - 1

This is the original: I've not photographed the second one yet but will do so when it is finished.

Most excitingly, I have finally got round to starting a commission which has been exciting me for a long time as it is taking me right out of my normal materials and into the high-tech world of machined titanium from F1 racing cars. The brief is to use some discarded parts from one of these cars to make a collar based on the themes from the song "Futurism" by Muse!

Here are the parts:

Futurism - WIP - 1

And here is the song:

Off to the Craft Scotland conference in Dundee this weekend. Anyone who is going to be there should come and say 'hello' if you see me!